Thursday, May 5, 2011

This is the kind of crap I have to deal with having a younger sister

Dear Cosmopolitan Customer Service,

My younger sister (15 yo) used my name/email to enter one of your FREE bikini-give-away contests on, because I am of the age of majority and she is not. Apparently, this contest indicated that there was 'NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.' However, when she completed the contest form it indicated that I was now subscribed to Cosmopolitan Magazine, and would subsequently be billed $26.00. I have canceled this subscription, yet I am unsure if I will still be sent an issue/be billed for said issue. I do not want any issues of Cosmopolitan Magazine, and thus, do not wish to be charged any monetary amount.

If I am billed after contacting you at this email address, I will take matters further. This is due to the fact that you stated on your contest form that 'NO PURCHASE (was) NECESSARY.' Hence, you flagrantly lied, and your policy is incongruent and misleading, which is unlawful for a company such as yourself.

Please do NOT send me Cosmopolitan, and do NOT bill me.

Thank you kindly,

Kalena Mackiewicz

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